"Assuring our elders are treated with care, dignity and the utmost respect during their final years when they can no longer take care of themselves."

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Carole Herman (Founder & President FATE) has blogs on The Huffington Post website. Carole and the Foundation Aiding The Elderly will be regular contributors to The Huffington Post. Please click here to read all Carole's blogs.

he objective of FATE is to serve as a voice for patients and to bring about national reforms and enforcement of the laws governing the nursing home industry and its regulatory agencies in order to assure proper care, civil rights and meaningful, dignified life for the elderly in long-term care facilities.

Our Mission Is:
"Assuring our elders are treated with care, dignity and the utmost respect during their final years when they can no longer take care of themselves."

Our Goals Are:

  • Enhance national awareness of the pattern of abuse frequently found in elderly care institutions.
  • Protect the elderly in their remaining years.
  • Initiate advocacy action to improve the care and supervision of the elderly.
  • Report abuse and neglect violations to the appropriate authorities.
  • Follow up to see that corrections and redress occur.
  • Provide a forum to support legal action on behalf of patients and their families.
  • Provide a public service of referrals for senior issues.
  • Provide tools, resources and leadership to other advocacy leaders and groups.
  • Raise funds to help support grass roots advocacy organizations assisting the elderly.


   FATE is rated a 2013 Top Nonprofit organization

Carole Herman - Founder of the Foundation Aiding The Elderly

ATE provides information, counseling, advice, resources and referrals as a public service at no charge to those who need assistance in dealing with care of the elderly.

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ATE is a California Nonprofit Corporation registered under IRS 501(c)(3). FATE depends on volunteer contributions for funding. Contributions go to furthering the administration, media awareness, investigations, and legal costs that support the ongoing work of FATE.

f you need help in dealing with the abuse of an elderly person or wish to obtain referral information concerning elder issues, please contact us. Thank you for your interest in our work and your tax deductible contribution.


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